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Perfecting footwork by dancing with the ball.

Join thousands of soccer players who are perfecting their footwork by dancing with the ball!  Soccer Jam Sessions are soccer footwork exercises choreographed with energetic, clean music to help players develop foot coordination and muscle memory, get the competitive advantage, and get the most out of individual conditioning.  Since repetition is key in perfecting footwork, this program makes it fun, benefiting from 30 years of playing, coaching, research, and choreography.  Recommended for ages 10 & up.  This program is not mere showboating.  These practical moves will:

  • Help a player quickly move the ball at every angle with every angle of his or her feet.

  • Improve endurance, balance, timing, creativity, strength, agility, and personal confidence.

  • Motivate individual footwork practice by combining the passion, art, and science of music, dance, and soccer. 

  • Improve players' individual, technical footwork and mechanics of advanced moves which will complement their tactical, teamwork skills.

  • Throw off the opponent to open up a new dribbling lane, pass, or shot.

  • Boost game performance and team play.

  • Help perfect "first touch" through last touch.

  • Help a player attract that soccer school.  

  • British Bulldog

    • Inside of feet & more

  • Heart Spells 

    • Every angle of the feet

  • Mexican Hat Dance

    • Sole of the feet & more

  • Offensive

    • Offense techniques

  • Defensive

    • Defense movements & reinforcements

Soccer players will learn and master 40 sets of moves contained in the five Jam Sessions which include...

Sample Jam Session: "Heart Spells"

The workout in this series that focuses on spelling letters.

Coach's Credentials

Soccer Jam's founder, choreographer, and skills expert, Kelly Knauss, will lead the Jam Sessions and training:

  • Played soccer at the University of Tennessee and in semi-pro circles in the USISL.

  • Earned four-year master’s degree in leadership & teaching methods.  As a skills expert he is an excellent teacher in helping students learn and own these soccer skills in a creative way.

  • Coaches youth soccer for 8 years and counting, insured soccer trainer, passed all background checks, licensed with WYSA and the United States Soccer Federation, certified adult & pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED.  Also was a private skills coach for youth in Dallas, TX.

  • In 6th grade started dancing with the ball.  By 10th grade was being recruited by soccer college coaches and scouts, including UNC, who exclaimed over his footwork, ball control, and creativity.

  • Is a fun-loving father who loves coaching his kid's team and helping youth become great soccer players.

  • His experience in music and dance choreography perfected this program.  Kelly Knauss is the most talented soccer coach-artist in the world.

Kelly Knauss

If you want to be a great soccer player,
you'll want Soccer Jam in your arsenal!
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